The Eternal and That Which is Passing Away

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I certainly don’t know if I would have had the wherewithal to do this. A child interrupted his Orthodox priest father’s church service with the news, “Our house is on fire.” Fr. Adam Sexton’s response: “Go tell your mother. We’re celebrating the liturgy right now.”

Uncaring? Before you decide, read the post – and consider donating to the Sexton family. And while you do, ask yourself this: do we consider our worship of God to be a participation in reality – more real than the worldly realities with which we are confronted every day?

I am reminded of a story – I think it was told by Garrison Keillor – about the farmer couple who, seeing a hailstorm coming on Sunday morning, went to church as usual, knowing that when they returned home, their crops would most likely be destroyed. What is real? What is eternal? What is faith?

Do worshipers (either those leading worship or those participating) believe that what they are experiencing is a real encounter with the living God, a revelation of the reality of life on earth and a foretaste of that overwhelming reality of the coming Kingdom of Heaven? Or is it unreal, simply a play-acting, a brief escape from the much more ‘real’ reality of the world?

Those who believe that worship is more real than what we can see each day still may not have responded in the way this priest did. However, because this priest responded in this way, we all may be encouraged to consider the way we approach worship. May we approach with awe, as the Eternal really stoops to meet us and we really ascend to meet him, leaving all that is transient behind.

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