If You Need More Proof that the Bible is True

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So last month I attended a very good presentation by our assistant to the Bishop. It was about ministry with youth and young adults (the Millennial generation, Generation Y), who according to many reports are highly disconnected from organized religion. Among the findings that she identified from the current research being done by Notre Dame’s Christian Smith and the like are that most ‘millennials’ do not get excited about things like going to meetings or serving on church committees but do take an interest in short-term commitments to serve the poor, build houses, etc. 

Yesterday I get an e-mail from our Conference nominating committee chair. The conference (one of six or seven in the synod) has to nominate two youths (under 18) and two ‘young adults’ (under 30) to go to Synod Assembly for a Friday and Saturday in mid-June. Keep in mind we have enough trouble finding people of the generations that like to go to meetings to do this stuff. We also need a youth member to serve a two-year term on Synod Council. Because we can’t have multiple members on Synod Council from one congregation, four congregations are eliminated from this last responsibility. 

A few years ago, some geniuses at Churchwide decided that to get younger people involved in church, they needed affirmation and a greater sense of participation. Therefore they needed to serve on synod councils and as a higher percentage of membership at synod and Churchwide assemblies. They changed the constitution of the church and made every synod change their constitutions too. The practical upshot: in addition to preaching, teaching, baptizing, presiding at Holy Communion, burying the dead, visiting the sick, helping the poor, doing ministry with youth and young adults, etc., parish pastors have an additional responsibility. We must turn over rocks to find people in their teens and twenties to do things that all the research says most of them aren’t interested in doing – going to meetings and serving on committees. Because someone thought: ‘if we make them go to meetings, they’ll see how important and exciting they really are! They’ll see that they have a voice and they’ll love Jesus and be loyal church members for years to come!  

If I didn’t already believe that the Bible was inspired by God, this is all I would need to convince me: the disciples today are just as thickheaded and slow to understand as they are in the Gospel of Mark.


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